• Trash is not to be put out before trash pick-up day on Monday and Thursday 

  • Portable basketball goals are to be stored behind property line when not in use. 

  • Lawns and flowerbeds are to be properly maintained. 

  • Vehicles are not to be parked in driveways such that they obstruct sidewalks and walkways. 

  • Fences can be stained with clear or transparent stains only. 

  • Storage of trailers, boats or recreational vehicles in public view is prohibited. 

  • Storage of trash in public view is prohibited




1.     When a violation is first observed, a pleasant letter is sent to the property owner by the Association giving the homeowner a reasonable time to cure the violation. The definition of a “reasonable time” depends on the nature of the violation. 30 days would be a reasonable time to replace a fence, whereas 10 to 15 days would be reasonable to get rid of an inoperable vehicle.

2.     If the violation is not cured at the end of the time specified in the first letter, a second, more forceful letter will be sent by the Association.  This letter will be sent certified mail and re-mailed regular mail if the Association does not get a green card back in a week.

3.     After the end of the time specified in the final notice from the Association' office, the matter will be turned over to the Association attorney.

4.     Attorney will send a letter to the property owner both certified and regular mail, detailing the violation and the restriction violated, and giving a reasonable time to cure. If the house is occupied by a tenant, a copy of the letter will also go to him or her.

5.     If the attorney receives no response from the homeowner, the attorney will send a second letter, by regular, giving a shorter time to cure. In each letter written by the attorney, the homeowner will be charged a fee for the preparation of that letter.

6.     If the violation is still not cured, the attorney will prepare an affidavit that the violation exits to be signed by the Association manager. The attorney will thereafter file suit, asking for civil damages of up to $200.00 per day for each day the violation exits. attorney's fees and court cost.