I am planning home improvements to the exterior of my home.  What do I need to do to get approval from the HOA?

The HOA has an approval process for all architectural improvements. This process ensures that the neighborhood gets approved changes to keep the visual standard of the neighborhood. Please access appropriate forms to submit to the Architectural Review Committee (or ARC) by clicking here.

I have a problem with my neighbors and noise (music, barking, cars, etc.). What are my options for help?

If it is after hours, you should call the Ft. Bend County Sheriffs department and report the disturbance to them.  Otherwise, please notify the management company, whom will notify the homeowner of the ‘unreasonable disturbance’, in addition to explaining the notification/complaint process to you. If this is a complaint about noise, please advise that due to the fact that we are in an unincorporated area, there is no sound ordinance.

Is there a payment plan option for our homeowners dues?

Yes. Please contact our management company to set up an appropriate payment plan.

Who do I contact if there is an issue with any of the common areas (sprinklers, ants, landscaping, lake, etc.)?

The first point of contact should be the management company. Should you not get ahold of them, feel free to contact any current Board Member for assistance.

How can I find out about current community activities?

Sign up for the Pecan Lakes Community Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

How can I volunteer my service to the community?

Call or send an e-mail to the management company or any current Board Member with your skill-set that you are willing to offer to the community.

Is our HOA a tax deductible entity?

No. Even though we are a non-profit entity, we are not a tax exempt entity where folks can claim their gifts to our community as a tax deduction.

How can I address the Board with concerns about the neighborhood?

You can call the management company and request time at the next Board meeting. All requests must be specific and submitted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

If you have a question that you need to have answered and it does not appear on this page, please contact the management company or a current Board Member.