Important forms

Welcome to the Important Forms Section, formally known as the Resource Center.
Here is you will be able to find information and documentation relating the community management of Pecan Lakes.  


Clubhouse Rental

The clubhouse is available upon request for homeowner use.  There is a refundable $250.00 security deposit and a $75 rental fee for use of the clubhouse.  

The Board of Directors has the right to amend these rules at any time.

For clubhouse rentals and to check availability, please contact: Kay McNinch.

Please email your completed form to Kay McNinch.


Pool Access Card

To receive a pool access card for the first time, complete a registration form, be current on your association fees and present an ID for address verification.  Applications are turned in to the lifeguard. The pool access card will be with the life guard to be picked up the next time you visit the pool. If you have any questions, please email Barbara Marlin.

Please email your completed form to Barbara Marlin.


ARC: Architectural Review Committee

The architectural review committee is responsible for any permanent changes or additions that homeowners make to their property.

  • The architectural review committee must review applications for changes or additions before any work can start.

The committee reviews each application and submits results to the homeowner within thirty (30) days from receipt of application.  Some examples of improvements are:

  • storage buildings

  • patio covers

  • play sets

  • landscaper borders

  • moving of fences

These are only a few improvements that need architectural review committee approval.

Please email your completed ARC Application to Ariana Beck.